Bangkok Rayong Clinic Bowin Branch

Bangkok Rayong Clinic BoWin Branch with outpatient medical services for health checks, diagnosis and providing medical treatments.
It is a general clinic, including examinations according to branch of disease with a team of specialists, including occupational medicine doctors, general surgeons and orthopedic surgeons, etc. It provides the same standardized treatment services as Bangkok Hospital Rayong with the capacity of counseling by a team of medical specialists in all branches available at Bangkok Hospital Rayong through Tele consult system. The purpose is to provide the patients with effective treatments and the best results according to the mission specified.

The abilities of the clinic's services include providing general medical service, specialized medical treatments, i.e. medical disease, surgery, occupational medicine service, pre-placement health checkups, annual health checks as well as health checks before taking health insurance, general X-ray service and computerized X-ray service, performing various procedures, analysis , including the delivery of patients to be hospitalized effectively.